Thursday Thoughts

Thursday Thoughts Newsletters are sent home weekly on Thursdays with the youngest child.   The newsletters are in a green folder along with other bulletin and flyers.

TT 052319.pdf

TT 050219.pdf

TT 042519.pdf

TT 041119.pdf

TT 040419.pdf

TT 032819.pdf

TT 032119.pdf

TT 031419.pdf

TT 030719.pdf

TT 02-21-19.pdf

TT 012419.pdf

TT 011719.pdf

TT 122018.pdf

TT 121318.pdf

TT 111518.pdf

TT 110818.pdf

TT 110118.pdf

TT 102518.pdf

TT 101118.pdf

TT 100418.pdf

TT 092718.pdf